Privacy Policy

At our website, we respect our valued customer’s privacy and security concerns. This page is all about how much we value the secrecy of our respected customers. We are here to assure you that we respect all the private information of our customers. We never publicize or illegally use any information of our customers we collect while visiting our website.

Moreover, you can raise your concerns if you want more information regarding our privacy policy. You can contact us without any hesitation. You will get an appropriate response within due time.

This privacy policy covers all the information our customers collect during online activities. 

It is also applied to information collected during the visit of all website visitors. This policy does not imply any information collected through any other channel.


  • Whenever you come to our website, at this moment you agree with our stated privacy policy.
  • We strictly take care of the safety and privacy concerns of our customers. We only use your provided information to make your search experience better. We never sell or leak your private information to a third party or anyone else. We have great concerns about confidentiality and protection of our customer’s information.
  • We assure you that your information cannot be accessed by any unauthorized person.


Like all other world web webs, our website also utilizes log files. Log files collect information from your IP address. It helps us to improve your browsing experience next time. Your internet protocol does not store your personal information but only your browsing preferences.


Our website uses this feature to save data regarding your online activities and make your next internet experience faster. Google uses cookies to make your internet experience good. Cookies help you to visit websites of your interest within less time comparatively.

Why do we collect your personal information?

We always collect the information of our customers fairly and with the customer’s consent. Whenever they visit our website, we ask for some information regarding our customers. We ask for their name, contact information, email address, and other optional information. We clarify the reason for collecting your personal information at the time of collecting it from you. 

We ask for your name, contact number, name of company address, and email address at the time of registration of your account at our website.

Where do we use your information?

We use your information for different constructive purposes, such as:

  • To constructively upgrade our website.
  • To maintain the data of our visitors and know about their preferences.
  • To add new features, products, and services to our website.
  • To be in touch with you to inform you about our new services and policies.
  • To enable detection and stop fraud.

Be aware of your data protection rights:

We value our customers, and we want to make that our customer must b aware of their right to data protection.

Right to approach their information

Our valued customer can demand their saved information from us, and we will send you as soon as possible for a very nominal fee.

Right of correction in your information

Our respected customers have the right to make rectifications or changes to already provided information. We will make corrections or completion of your data on your request.

Right to data mobility

Under special circumstances, our valued customer may request us to share data with any other organization. We are bound to do so at your request only.

Alteration or removal of user information

If our customers desire to make any changes to their personal information already saved with us, they may contact our representatives on our contact us page. If any customer wants to delete his information from our website, he may contact us via email or message. We can do it for you as soon as possible for your convenience. 

You can exercise all of your rights as mentioned above anytime you want by clicking on our “contact us” page. We will immediately respond to your practical concerns.