Refund and Returns Policy

Our website takes care of all kind of consumer rights. One of the most important consumer rights is the guarantee of a refund in case of dissatisfaction. Before placing any order with our company, you must thoroughly review our refund policy. You must understand all the points to refrain from any dissatisfaction.

  • Our refund policy states that it is your right to claim your amount back in the following cases:
  • If we fail to deliver your order within the expected time.
  • If the customer is not satisfied with the products or services.
  • In some special cases, you can claim your refunds if we have not started processing your order.
  • Our company gives you the facility of a refund within 30 days of an order delivery.

The company will not be liable to refund your amount in the following cases:

  • Some customers ask about the cancellation of their order if they change their minds. 
  • You can cancel your order, in case of only if the company has not started processing your order. 
  • If your order is in queue and processing has been started, the company will not cancel your order because of a change of mind.
  • com is not liable to refund your amount in case of free-of-cost services. The company is also not liable for any refund on discounted services.
  • The customer cannot ask for a refund of his amount after the order’s delivery. 
  • If the number of followers decreases after some days of delivery of the order, customers can demand their alternative followers.
  • The customer can neither ask for a refund nor refill if the number of followers drops below the number of followers delivered in the last order.
  • If the client changes his profile to private, the number of followers decreases. He cannot claim the refund or refill in this case 
  • You cannot claim any refund after 30 days of the order’s delivery.
  • Customer cannot claim refill if he has changed the username of his Instagram account.

In case of delay in delivery of the order, don’t hesitate to contact our customer support services on our “contact us” page. Our support team will be readily available to help you to resolve your issues within no time. You can contact our customer support personnel at Our representative will notify you about all the inquiries done for your case. Our company is liable to keep you updated about the progress in your case via email until the complete resolution of the case. 

To resolve your problems, you must have a valid proof of your order. Your order can be tracked easily with the help of receipt and can be resolved as soon as possible. Moreover, the customer must have a valid reason for claiming a refund from our company.

After the necessary inquiry, our company will transfer your due amount will be to your bank account within some days.