Social media platforms have become an integral part of our lives. We all utilize it for different purposes, from getting entertainment in our free time to marketing our products, services, or skills.

Every platform has its features and diverse kind of audiences. Facebook and Instagram are two prominent platforms with an impressive number of audiences – that continue to grow with each passing day. To keep the audience engaged, one must post regularly. However, people usually ask whether posting the same content on Facebook and Instagram is sensible or not. This is a debatable issue, and different people have different opinions. We will be discussing it here in detail.

What is cross-posting, and what is it suitable for?

Cross-Posting on social media is a process of posting the same content across multiple social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or any other available platform.

Social media managers from all across the globe have started to use this tactic for several reasons. It offers plenty of benefits, and on the other side, it also has a few dark aspects. We will be discussing all these details in the later sections.

Coming towards the point of who it is suitable for, the answer is that it is good for companies with short budgets. It is a good option for start-ups managing many things along with social media channels. The time-conscious creators can also use it for posts they have invested a lot of their time on. Lastly, it is the best option for brands that haven’t developed their social presence. In this way, they can quickly spread the word across multiple platforms.

Moreover, one last thing – How can you cross-post between Facebook and Instagram? Cross-posting is simple as there are built-in ways of doing so and also, and you can make use of different available tools as well for this purpose.

As Instagram and Facebook are interlinked, the built-in way to post the same content is the easiest. Just create a post on Instagram and turn on the toggle key that says “Also post to Facebook.”

On the other hand, if you have created a post on Facebook, you can also share it on Insta by selecting the same option from the bottom of the post before publishing it.

The positive sides of posting the same content on Facebook and Instagram

Posting identical content saves time

As a beginner/start-up company or small business owner, you need to invest a lot of time in your core activities for business development. Besides this, one cannot afford to hire a social media manager because of budget issues.

In this regard, designing one perfect post and posting the same on Facebook and Instagram will save lots of your time. If you are looking the ways to grow your Instagram account then you must find the shortcuts. Therefore, you can invest in to buy Instagram followers Australia that saved time in your growing business.

Posting the same content keeps accounts active

Suppose a situation where any of your customer or prospect opens a social media app to search you or your posts – but finds nothing. You need to be active across all platforms to spread the word about your business and get more customers.

Small brands or companies with limited budgets and time can’t afford to manage different social media platforms, so they decide to create a profile on just one. With this simple and easy idea of cross posting, one can easily manage Facebook and Instagram simultaneously to keep multiple accounts active.

Posting the same content keeps content consistent across platforms

Facebook and Instagram have many standard features, so most people choose to have a presence on one platform between both. If you post different content on both these platforms, your brand’s message does not remain consistent with all your audiences across different platforms – which is not good.

Posting the same content on Facebook and Instagram simultaneously will deliver the same message to all your followers across both platforms. Keeping your brand message consistent and delivering it simultaneously to your audience is a positive and satisfying gesture. Otherwise, a few of your audience will know one thing, and the other will know something different from you.

Dark sides of posting the same content on Facebook and Instagram

Both platforms have bit different content requirements

Every platform is different, so they have different content requirements. Posting the same content on Facebook and Instagram may not always look nice. The reason is that one post, which is designed for Facebook specifically, may look odd when posted on Instagram.

For instance, you have designed a post for Instagram with many hashtags. It will do fantastic on Insta but will not be that effective on Facebook.

Both platforms have different audiences

Both these platforms, Facebook and Instagram, are different and cater to different audiences. The age group of users also varies a lot and the time of utilization is different.

Facebook has a mixed audience from different age groups, whereas Instagram users are mostly youngsters. Both platforms have different peak timings to post to get maximum engagement and exposure.

The audience present on both platforms might feel bored or disinterested

Lastly, the people following you on both platforms, i.e., Facebook and Instagram, may get bored or disappointed. What is the possible reason behind it?

The reason is that seeing the same content might give them the feeling that you have nothing new for them. In this way, they might become less interested, and engagement rates may drop on both platforms.

Posting the same content on Facebook and Instagram – Moving toward the best solution

As discussed earlier, there are a lot of pros to posting the same content on Facebook and Instagram. We have to be a little smart to avoid its negative sides. Let’s briefly discuss it.

Posting the same content without considering the platform requirements and its audience’s demands will look insensible and amateur. Therefore, editing a few things and molding the same post to make it up to the other platform’s requirements might grant the best results.

For example, if you have designed an Insta post, don’t add hashtags in the captions – as you know, it won’t work for a Facebook post. Instead, keep it without hashtags and add them to the very first comment on Instagram.

You must work smartly to fit one post for both Instagram and Facebook. When it comes to the character limit, it is different for both platforms. It is 2000 for Facebook and 2200 for Instagram. Therefore, you need to keep the character limit appropriate, keeping in mind both platforms. In the same way, you need to be careful about image sizes, clickable links, hashtags, vocabulary, messaging, audiences, CTA, etc.

Make a plan beforehand, get creative, and this is the only way you can do the best on both platforms by posting the same content on Facebook and Instagram. This is for start-ups and beginners. Your company and brand will grow with time so do your budget. You can hire a social media manager to get the most out of both platforms.