Terms & Conditions

Our company followerscart.com states all the terms regarding buying our services and products. Before buying any services from our website, you must thoroughly read and understand our company’s terms and conditions. This is the latest terms and conditions document as of 1st September 2022.

Purchasing or availing of services from our website automatically means that you have read and understood all the terms and conditions of our company. Moreover, you agree to all the stated terms if you are going to complete your purchase from us.

If you tend to disagree with any of our terms and condition, you cannot avail our product or services. 

General conditions

  • You must be 13 years or above to avail our services and products.
  • You have to abide by all the general rules and regulations about social media websites.
  • com may upgrade or make any website changes without prior notice.
  • The customer is wholly responsible for the correct settings of his Instagram account to receive the delivery of services.
  • All transactions done for availing services from our website must be in USD. Prices mentioned for availing of the services are in United States Dollars.
  • Our company is responsible for accurately delivering the services, but errors are expected. We are not responsible for uninterrupted experience afterward delivery.  It may be due to a fault in your operations or procedures.


  • All the information provided on our website belongs to followerscart.com. It is our intellectual property, and we own its copyrights. 
  • You can save its copy for your use but cannot claim or share it at any other website with your name.
  • You cannot make changes to the material without the permission of follwerscart.com.
  • You should not share the content of this website for your personal use or business purpose without mentioning our name.
  • You cannot publish the material taken from this website without our consent. Otherwise, our company will take legal action against you.


  • We cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of information shared on this website. Errors and omissions are expected.
  • com is not liable for any action taken by the legal team of social media websites.
  • We cannot take responsibility for any negative consequences of using this website. You are availing our services at your stake.

License and Agreement

  • Our website does not do business with social media accounts sharing objectionable or illegal content.
  • You should avoid sharing any restricted content while availing of our services.
  • You should not misuse any of our services provided. Followerscart.com does not own any responsibility for any action taken against you due to misuse of services.
  • The general law of Australia would govern all the claims filed by customers. 


Our website does not take responsibility for the websites and links shared on our page. We cannot guarantee the data shared on these linked websites. You may visit these links and use their services at your own risk.


  • If any customer is involved in any fraudulent activity or disputed transaction, followerscart.com will immediately ban you with your internet protocol address. Therefore, you will not be able to access our website.
  • By doing business with our website, you automatically agree to the terms and conditions of PayPal. We accept our payments through Paypal.

Change in terms and conditions

  • All the given terms and conditions of followerscart.com may be upgraded and changed at any time without prior notice. We are not bound to announce changes before posting them on our website.
  • Changes and updates will be posted on the website. You have to visit website on and off to keep check on any changes.